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Hello Kelpcakes!

My name is Shiori Vela.

I’m an ENG-JPN freelance translator and writer.

In this blog, I mainly write articles for Japanese people who are interested in living in Canada or other parts of the world.

I was born in Fukuoka, Japan in May 28th 1990.

Yes, I’m a 90s kid who loves Cartoon Network, Disney, Pokemon, Nintendo, Sailor Moon… etc!

I speak Japanese, English and a little bit of Spanish.

I lived in Vancouver, Canada from 2008 to 2016.

By the end of 2016, I came back to Japan with my husband.

Now we’re living in Fukuoka.

Life in Canada

In Canada, after graduating from college I worked in retail jobs such as Victoria’s Secret and ZARA. After that, I worked as marketer and counselor in an ESL school.

Using that experience, I decided to write articles for Japanese people who are interested or wants to work/study in Canada.

I also published an e-book about my experiences of living in Canada. About how I got confident with challenging things which I thought were impossible to do.

I wrote it for myself, and Japanese people who are interested in living abroad and have no confidence about living in another country. I hope it helps many Japanese people become more confident.

My e-book(JPN):

International Marriage

My husband is Mexican.

We are both the same age and I met him in Canada.

After 7 years of dating, we got engaged at Walt Disney World in December 2016.

It was the best moment of my life!!

After that, we got married in Japan on Valentine’s day in 2017.

We just moved to Japan and both of us are still trying to get used to life in Japan.

I’ll start writing useful information about international marriages and relationships.  And also, about our new life in Japan!


What I love

the most is… Traveling!!!

Where I’ve been:

  • Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Victoria)
  • The US (Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Florida)
  • Mexico (Monterrey, Cancun, Mexico City)
  • Brazil (Salvador)
  • New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch)

My first trip abroad was to Auckland, New Zealand when I was 11 years old.

It was the first moment in my life that sparked an interest in living abroad.

I still wanna visit many other places around the world!

Also, I was away from Japan for a long time, so I want to visit places in Japan as well.

I want to write articles about my trip logs.

More things about me…


Because the place in which I was proposed at was WDW, I have come to like Disney even more, I LOVE Disney!

My favorite Disney character is Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I love all the things related to ocean, fish, and mermaids…

My dream is going to D23 Expo! Hopefully I can go there next year.

Rupaul’s Drag Race

Over the years, I’ve become crazy about Rupaul’s Drag Race.

For people who don’t’ know, it is an American reality show. I can’t explain it in one word but if I can water it down… it’s about Drag Queens competing with each other.

The competition focuses on fashion, makeup and acting etc. Before the end of the episode, a Drag Queen will be eliminated. Rupaul’s Drag Race has spanned over 9 seasons.

I LOVE this program, the Queens, and the host of the show, Rupaul!

Sadly, not that many Japanese people have heard about RPDR, and I wish to spread it to Japan!

Another dream that I have is going to Rupaul’s Drag Con!!

Things I can do


I DO NOT use Google Translate and translate literally.

So far I’ve been translating for some Japanese tourism web pages targeting foreign travelers in Japan and English twitter account of a Japanese blogger (@wasabi_yuko).

I also transcribe videos, and interviews.


I can write articles in both Japanese and English.

My specialties are travel, world, culture, art, fashion and makeup.

Topics other than the ones mentioned above are also welcomed!

If you want to promote your product or company in Japan, I’m able to write an article and promote them in Japanese.

<Tour Conductor>

I live in Fukuoka. The biggest city of southern Japan.

These days, Fukuoka has been growing at a fast pace. Because of that, the city keeps putting effort into tourism and supporting startups to both Japanese and foreigners alike. There has been an increase of people interested in moving to Fukuoka, both from inside and outside of Japan.

Fukuoka is known for its many different kinds of tasty dishes and huge variety of sea food!

I can take you around Fukuoka for a tour and be a translator.

<Japanese Teacher>

I have a certificate of teaching Japanese as a second language.

I was teaching Japanese to children who have a Japanese background back in Canada, and have some experience with giving private lessons.

I’m familiar with the JLPT and have used text books such as Genki and Minna no Nihongo for teaching.

My journey has just started and I am looking forward in taking you with me in my adventure!

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